What Can Strategic Planning Do for Your Credit Union?

Strategic Planning is designed to develop a tactical plan. A strategic plan notes the direction in which a business is heading and the state it is currently in. Creating a strategic plan can define the business’s values, vision, and mission. The role of this plan is to determine long term goals and develop an action plan that will ultimately achieve these goals. A well thought out strategic plan will encourage a business’s success.

The Benefits of a Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is beneficial to credit unions because it provides a written guideline of what is expected to be achieved. This helps credit unions navigate through challenges and opportunities that may arise. There are four key benefits and goals of a strategic plan.

1. Increase Productivity
A strategic plan enables the entire workforce to be on the same page. The entire company knows what the goal is and what needs to be done to achieve it.

2. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
The strategic planning process will allow credit unions to inspect every aspect of their business. It will be help to determine what is working and what is not.

3. Induce Proactivity
The goal of strategic planning is to create a plan to help credit unions reach theirlong-term goals. Once that plan is outlined, the company can proactively work on short term goals and follow the action plan to achieve the business’s long-term goals.

4. Map the Future of the Business
The strategic planning process focuses on developing an action plan that will direct your credit union to achieve goals over time. This action plan maps the future of the business.

On The Mark’s Strategic Planning Process for Your Credit Union

On The Mark Strategies works to make strategic planning fun. Once we understand your vision, we prioritize meeting your needs and focus on helping you achieve those goals. Our process is simple.

• Take an anonymous survey of the session’s participants prior to the session.
• Analyze the performance of your credit union.
• Host an engaging session, where everyone’s voice can be heard.
• Inspire big thinking before guiding your focus.
• Strategically focus on your priorities and initiatives.
• Develop exercises unique to your credit union’s needs.
• Guide the members of the session towards a unanimous vision.
• Create a fun-filled atmosphere.

About the Company

On The Mark Strategies is a team of trailblazers guiding financial institutions in the areas of speaking, branding, strategic planning and marketing services. Technically, they are a consulting firm, but their clients prefer to think of them as trail guides. Their experience as former credit union employees, combined with the customized programs they create in-house, enable them to lead financial institutions through the great unknown. On The Mark Strategies stands ready to guide financial institutions looking to chart a new course or navigating their current path.

We are consultants for the financial services industry in the areas of speaking, branding, marketing, strategic planning and creative services.