It’s no surprise that larger banks have a bigger budget. Yes, that can sometimes be difficult to compete against; however, something major that a credit union can do to compete is to have consumer trust. They also offer better customer service. Of course, customer service is imperative. However, some may…

Getting your credit union up and running is more than just establishing policies and procedures. Banks are tough competition. With the eye on the prize (a loyal member base and good reputation), marketing may seem like a daunting challenge. These 3 strategies can help:

  1. Streamline your website

In the age…

Credit union memberships are growing, and that can make staying in contact with customers more difficult. Keeping track of leads, social media campaigns, and analyzing data are much harder and more time consuming when done manually.

Automated marketing will help you:

  • Stay connected to your members by sending personalized content

On the Mark Strategies

We are consultants for the financial services industry in the areas of speaking, branding, marketing, strategic planning and creative services.

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